Summer Reading List For Girls Of All Ages

The Girls Leadership Book Club is, in my opinion, the go-to resource for finding empowering, age-appropriate reads for your girls. I highly recommend you join their Facebook group to get their fall 2018-2019 school year recommendations when they come out. 

This list is from their recommendations for the last school year by age group. My daughter has read several on their middle school list and loved them. I’m sure you will too. 

Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to form a book club of your own!

Your Child is a Procrastinator. Why That Can Be a Good Thing...for Creativity.

Adam Grant says that leveraged well, procrastination can have powerful benefits like enhanced creativity and huge leaps in critical thinking.  This approach is especially good for unsolved tasks.

However, how should I explain this to my kids so that they don't feel they can continue allowing their rooms to look like bottoms of bird cages in the name of creativity?  How to ensure they don't start to believe forgetting or putting off projects and assignments is their ticket to intellectual brilliance?

The problem is that this isn't the kind of procrastination that's beneficial.  Procrastination only helps divergent thinking and incubation as long as you don't wait too long which, ironically, often happens when you are disorganized.

Goldilocks procrastination. That is the goal.

Sending your kids to sleep-away camp can give them a competitive advantage - in life

This article first appeared in the Washington Post. Whether it's the YMCA, Scouts, a religious, or a more specialized camp, allowing our children to unwind and unplug can have huge benefits.  Even if you can't put it on a college application