From Lost to leader - A free 10-day email course

In FLTL, I'll be showing your teen (of any gender) how to discover their purpose, find their leadership style, leverage their strengths, overcome the biggest obstacles to teen leadership, and come up with a plan to start leading tomorrow.

This course is chock full of useful info and can be a game-changer in helping your child experience and tell their legitimate leadership story which can make a difference in life AND college admissions.

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Leading Yourself - A free video series

Before you can be an effective leader of other individuals or of whole departments/organizations, it’s important to know how to lead yourself first. What in the world does THIS mean? It means you need emotional resilience, ‘comfort’ with failure, a healthy view of relationships and conflict, and strong executive function skills.

This video course will address each of these in turn and will not only help your girl’s self confidence, but make sure that voice in her head is her friend!