Self Esteem

How I’m making sure my daughter doesn’t see herself through the haze of an Instagram filter

My daughter and I talk a lot about how important it is to "use social media to become a part of something bigger than yourself rather than making yourself bigger," to quote Rachel Simmons, author of Enough As She Is.

She understands she should avoid the 'I'm an object to be admired' posts.

After seeing her friend’s Instagram post, I didn’t want to talk about using social media responsibly. I wanted to talk about body positivity. Social media can be enemy number one in helping your daughter keep a healthy self-view. Especially when it comes to her friends.

How To Unlock Your Strength

Research shows the most outstanding leaders take the time to reflect. “The more girls know who they are, the more they can believe in themselves, and trust in the power of their own intellect and intuition. This self-trust is the foundation of self-confidence, the foundation girls need to assert their voice and remain resilient, to rise up as leaders - and to keep rising." - Elizabeth Perlman, founder of the intuitive writing project.

What is the best research-backed method to reflect? Journaling. Although most introverts are naturally drawn to this exercise, everyone can benefit. Here are the best tips and strategies from the industry's experts.

The Perfect Mothers Day Gift: Judgement Free Parenting

As young, perfectionist girls grow into adult women, and perhaps mothers, we seem to be doubly susceptible to negative self-talk. So, instead of going out for a day of pampering to help you recharge - which, frankly, lasts precisely as long as it takes the nail polish to dry - consider these strategies instead. They last a lifetime!

The Insidious Downside of Envy

My daughter is learning that envy is very different from jealousy, competition, and even admiration. Her friend isn't a friend, and she isn't jealous, she's resentful. Most would say it's just middle-school girl stuff. However, the research says that if my daughter doesn't learn to understand these differences it could cost her her confidence into adulthood.

Why You, Inc. is the Best Gift of All

A friend recently asked me, “What if your daughter doesn’t want to be a leader when she grows up?”

It’s a question I have heard before. It’s the, “Should we even be focusing on female leadership if most women eventually end up choosing to lean out?” question.

So what do I think? I think the premise of this question is entirely wrong.  I don’t believe becoming a leader only occurs when you get ‘that’ position or they crown you with ‘that’ title.  

In fact, given how different the economy is from when I grew up, I don’t think my daughter has any choice but to be a leader.

How To Easily Build Your Self-Confidence

High self-esteem is internal. When we have it, we feel less dependent on the approval of others. We even get more comfortable with disapproval. Despite what you may think, self-confidence doesn’t take a lifetime to build. It can be harnessed and tapped with this simple 15 min exercise. Kids can do it too!

Pretending to Be a Superhero Can Make You One

When you lack confidence, it’s hard to be authentic because you are constantly second guessing yourself. Therefore, when you lack confidence, you lack presence. This is a problem because people want to be around those who exude authenticity. Luckily for my daughter, doing something for just two minutes a day, started to trick her mind AND her body. Well…up to a point…