Leadership Styles

This Is How Your Daughter Will See Herself As A Leader

Researchers asked 1,000 American consumers to name a famous woman in tech. Only 4% could do so. And of those?…1/4 named ‘Alexa’ and ‘Siri.’

The issue might not be so much about recognition of those women who sit at the top of tech, but the more significant problem of a shortage of female leaders overall.

Forget about recalling names, what keeps me up at night is the bigger question: How can you recognize female leadership if you aren’t exposed to it? Worse, how can my daughter be one if she can’t see one?

How To Be Charismatic But Not Fake

In a nutshell, my daughter thought charisma was great if it was innate but if you tried to practice being charismatic, you were an imposter.

Girls are uncomfortable with anything that smacks of less than authentic. I get that. But I also know from my work with adult clients that executive presence, gravitas, and a certain energy are all qualities that leaders strive for, not to mention are evaluated on. 

Bosses encourage employees to gain these skills but my daughter and, it turns out, many women are wary of looking like imposters.

Researchers suggest charisma is simply connecting with people and, to connect, you must do three things...and they CAN be learned.

Connection isn't just authentic, it's powerful.

How To Get Leadership Experience When You Aren't A Leader

“Between childhood and womanhood, girls encounter a phenomenon known as "losing voice," according to studies published by Harvard University."

"74% of 12-year-olds surveyed by Girl Scouts of America list "improving the world around me" as one of their favorite activities, but a lack of confidence holds them back from taking leadership in the areas of change they care most about. Only 1/3 of middle-school girls today believe they can be a leader.” - Girls Driving For a Difference -

Getting girls to bridge the gap from doubting they can be a leader to leading social change they care about, is what these 5 steps aim to do.

Part 3: How to Get Schooled on Leader vs. Leadership

The final problem we need to solve in this workshop is the kids’ fear of taking on leadership roles. Why do we feel fearful when we we think of leadership?  "Because, when you ask someone what the word “leadership” evokes - what images, words, symbols, feelings or people spring to mind?  Responses are usually things like “vision,” “inspiring,” “greatness,” “Winston Churchill,” “Superman” and “awesome.”  The underlying idea is clear: leadership is a major, even heroic challenge, needing exceptional qualities.  But do most of us believe we have these qualities?  I suspect not." - John Scouller

Part 2: Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Lessons in Leadership Style

If you want kids to be leaders, you need to teach them there are many different styles of leadership. This way, they can envision themselves in the role.  Once they recognize their leadership style is acceptable, they'll see there is a place at the leadership table for everyone.